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more bbies

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did another daxter finally yeah this ones better


i actually like the colors on this sort of? for once




i started working on a jak comic that i had an idea for for awhile. its been a long time since i did a project thing like this! i still feel like doing things in this book/page format is Not The Best but i dont feel like there is necessarily a fantastic way to present comics on the tumblr…

Whenever someone plays with my hair
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Ya look like Benidaddy Cumbershnaps

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Day 1 of the 7 day art challenge; self portrait

7 Day Art Challenge

Just a heads up, I am going to participate in the talented Gabriel Picolo’s 7 day art challenge. The prompts are interesting, and even though the contest is closed, the challenge is fun none the less! Check out the rules on his deviant art:


bucktoothfairy said: this is beautiful beyond measure. ‘fart often, apologize rarely’ in precursor script im laughing

you gave me a terrible idea and i’m not sorry

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