A new religious statue in the town of Davidson, N.C., is unlike anything you might see in church.

The statue depicts Jesus as a vagrant sleeping on a park bench. St. Alban’s Episcopal Church installed the homeless Jesus statue on its property in the middle of an upscale neighborhood filled with well-kept townhomes.

Jesus is huddled under a blanket with his face and hands obscured; only the crucifixion wounds on his uncovered feet give him away.

The reaction was immediate. Some loved it; some didn’t.

"One woman from the neighborhood actually called police the first time she drove by," says David Boraks, editor of "She thought it was an actual homeless person."

That’s right. Somebody called the cops on Jesus.

"ooh!  a poor person in need of help!  i better make sure they get arrested!"  to me, that’s the issue that’s most troubling.  Apart from that, the statue, and the idea behind it, is one of the parts of Christianity that even a grouchy atheist like me has to admire…

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This will help you write good.

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I’d love but don’t know how to~

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They are finally finished

oh my god 

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Are you ready, kids?


Visual Communications 4 project:
Character designs and Key frames presenting a redesign for Super Mario Bros. in which Princess Peach, aided by a mysterious Toadstool Merchant, sets off on an adventure to rescue Mario from the evil Bowser!

This project was a lot of fun for me! I wanted to really push myself with the shapes and proportions of characters and try a different style. Usually my work tends to be on the cutesy and conservative side so this time I wanted to make something a bit edgy and tongue-and-cheek. It was fun re-imaging a series that I’ve grown up with and finally giving Peach the spotlight. (We won’t mention the DS game they made for her….)

Thanks for playing!

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finals are over so I can finally post the rest of my moulin rouge stuff and move on! it was a fun project but my hands are itching to work on something new

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